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DRAFT Zoning Ordinance

  • DRAFT Lake County Zoning Ordinance - 11/7/17
    This DRAFT ordinance was provided to the Lake County Commission on 11/7/17 and the Planning Commission on 11/8/17. For the past year, Lake County and First District Association of Local Governments reviewed the county's existing zoning regulations. The focus of the review was to address shortcomings in existing rules and to further provide clarity to staff, planning commission, board of adjustment, and board of county commissioners. Staff did not review regulations regarding the complex issues of Wind Energy Systems or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations as they are specific policy areas that are topical and need significant amount of public discourse.

    Within the draft document, you will find bolded underlined language with a yellow highlight - that represents new language. Yellow highlighted strikeout language represents proposed deletions to existing language. Bolded underlined green highlighted language represents existing language moved to a different location. Green highlighted strikeout language represents language stricken from that section but retained din another section of the ordinance. Red language in the WES and CAFO sections were not reviewed.

    Going forward, staff recommends that the Planning Commission and County Commission take time to review staff recommendations. In the next 4-8 weeks, staff hopes to schedule a meeting to address questions regarding the proposed changes and eventually begin a public hearing adoption process. Please note, this is a DRAFT only - absolutely anything can be changed at this point - it is just a place to start the discussion.

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Medicare D Appointments - SHINE
Thursday, November 8, 2018

Medicare D Appointments are running through December 7. Lake County's SHINE Volunteer will be assisting with this process at the Extension Office. Please call 256-7603 to schedule an appointment. Dates for November and December include: 11/16; 11/19; 11/20; 11/27; 11/29; and 12/3. Clients are asked to obtain a printout from their pharmacy which includes the dosage and correct spelling of medications they are currently taking and their Medicare card to the appointment.

November - License Plate Renewal T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Vehicle License plate renewal for vehicle owners with the FIRST letter in their LAST NAME that begins with T or U or V or W or X or Y or Z.

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